In a world in which time constantly slips away...

it’s a good thing there’s a place like Emesh.

Emesh consists of Three different spaces


At our restaurant, you can enjoy an extraordinary culinary experience that will give at least three of your senses pure joy.


If you’re feeling a bit more energetic and in a mood to blur your judgment, our bar is just the right fit. It includes a mass variety of drinks and liquor, artistic yet warm decor, flirty and lit music, oh and don’t miss out and get one or two of our chef’s dishes.


If you’re in a more relaxed state of mind and would like to unwind in the open air, you’d definitely love our designed yard which includes a bar, comfortable sitting area – in the yard we serve chef dishes that goes great with the vibe.

Emesh allows you to choose your preferred nightlife experience all in one place.

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